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Dawn in the forest

Apartment in Kharkiv. Square is 75,87m2

My name is Tetyana Solovyova, I am an interior designer.

I have a master's degree in interior design and 14 years experience in design. During this time, I participated in the development of furniture, interior design of private and commercial interiors in an architectural firm. For the last 8 years I have been conducting an individual practice and successfully creating and implementing residential and commercial interiors. I have experience from the first contact with the client to the final completion of the project.

I have a special passion for small spaces and the challenge of creating the ideal environment for a client in a limited area.

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Townhouse with an area of 285 m2 near Kharkiv

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Small apartment

An apartment with standart floor plan, but with non-standart solution

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Small apartment 44 sq.m. united from two apartments with an area of ​​22m

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Apartment for young family, 85 m2. Contemporary style

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Design and implementation of the 1st floor of the house

Cover Image for Winter garden

Winter garden

An old house with a new design and unusual atmosphere

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Light classic

Part of the house with light classic style