Dawn in the forest

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This apartment was designed for a bachelor. The customer turned to me with a desire to make a cozy apartment, while being able to receive guests. But in terms of style, there were no specific wishes and it was difficult to decide. The layout of the house did not allow us to completely combine the space of the kitchen and the living room, since there is a load-bearing wall between these rooms.

I played with the situation with the wall and, as planned, it separates the play area (playstation) and the dining table. At the same time, these two zones are united by a corridor and guests can freely move with a glass of wine from the kitchen to the hall. The highlight of the interior is an individually massive table in the kitchen. Behind him it is pleasant both to drink coffee in the morning, and to work with a laptop and receive guests.

In terms of style, I suggested using modern laconic forms and introduced the idea oflight lines and accents. Linear sconces, hidden lights resemble the rays of the sun in the early morning in the forest. And the materials of wood, concrete, black elements (the color of the wet bark of a tree) give the interior a natural atmosphere. The interior is solid and inspiring.