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Customers bought 2 apartments with an area of ​​22 sq.m. each - by connecting them, we got an apartment of 44 sq.m. for a young couple without children. In this area it was necessary to place: a kitchen, a living room, many storage areas, including storage areas for sports equipment, a bathroom, a bedroom, a wardrobe, a workplace and yoga space for each family member, if it possible.

Unexpectedly for the customers, we proposed a layout option not only with the listed wishes, but also a spacious bathroom for relaxation, with a separate bathtub and shower. We also managed to allocate space for laundry area and remove the washing machine from the bathroom. The bedroom is separated by a transparent glass partition with a curtain, so that you can separate the space of the kitchen-living room and the bedroom.

We have created a small but very multifunctional apartment. Ergonomic and stylish apartment for the city.