Small apartment

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Small apartment for a young family. One of the most important wishes of the customers was to make the kitchen multifunctional - a large number of appliances, a place for breakfast. And kitchen area is only 6.1 sq.m. Also in the living room you need link 2 workplaces for work and the possibility of receiving guests.

What we managed to do: Place all the kitchen appliances in the kitchen that the clients wanted and a table by the window. It turned out a well-organized space, bright and managed to avoid crowded furniture.

The living room was enlarged by adding a corridor to the living room. Thus, increasing the area and organizing jobs for the owners, and a place for receiving guests.

The highlight of this apartment is the master bedroom. It is fundamentally different from the rest of the apartment. We made it dark, which the clients dreamed of, but did not dare to take this step. We managed to make this room intimate and cozy. And due to the large number of lighting scenarios, this room will never be boring.